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What is it?

Explore the Burnin' Rubber universe in 5 free-roaming worlds! 
Collect tickets to fight in the toughest challenges yet! Battle in Special Missions to unlock new worlds and content.
Are you ready for the biggest Burnin' Rubber in the world!


 - 5 Free-roaming worlds to explore!
 - 45+ challenges on land, water and in air!
 - 20+ vehicles, inc. boats, planes and a helicopter!
 - 8 explosive and/or dualwielding weapons!
 - Visit shops for upgrades, car paints, weapons and much more!
 - Daily challenges!
 - Hidden packages
 - Improvements & Fixes (see below)
 - Burnin' Rubber 4 has been upgraded from a webgame to a full standalone title!

Improvements & Fixes

 - Reintroduced the day setting from the original version!
 - You can now turn off the 'mounted guns' from the launcher
 - Fixed the GOTY end boss bug!
 - Run the game in a higher resolution
 - Highres textures for interface and menu.
 - Highres car & wheel textures
 - Updated shadow textures & shadow orientaion
 - You can skip the annoying start dialogs by pressing space
 - Vehicles and textures stored externally for easier modding skins
 - Music stored externally for easier modding
 - Ctrl+i - info / ctrl+q - quit / alt+enter - fullscreen toggle
 - Proper, elegant Win10 fix! - Credits to TOMYSSHADOW aka Anthony Kleine 

Known Issues

 - Game can crash by switching a lot between free roaming worlds.
 - The world can dissapear when stuff explodes (rare issue - restart game)
 - No world when using the Marauder after restart (everythings fine - just continue and it will reset itself)
 - Some models shading issues
See the ReleaseNotes.txt for some more details.

System requirements

Burnin' Rubbber 4 should run properly even on older machines (5+ years old).
This version does use more video memory due to the highres car and menu textures - this can cause issues on older non-dedicated video cards!
Please note performance will degrade more when running the game in a higher resolution and with more of the experimental advanced features turned on.
We recommend running the game in 1280x720 - fullscreen by Alt + Enter ingame.


Burnin' Rubber 4 is 16:9 and runs in a window. Only experimental fullscreen functionality (Alt+Enter).

Burnin' Rubber 4 was made with Adobe Director, which has become obsolete over the past few years. 
We are trying to keep this game (and our other games) from being forgotten or lost. 
The game is fully functional, even on Windows 10.

However, Windows 10 users beware!
Issues can arise when you are on Windows 10 using a NVIDIA graphics card. 
We implemented a workaround to get the game up and running for Windows 10. 

Please mail for help or any issues to support@xformgames.com

Published 4 days ago
GenreAction, Racing
Tags3D, burnin, daily, free-roam, Retro, roam, rubber, shockwave


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Hello, XFORM. Lemme just say...I'm a big fan of your games in the past. So, being excited that BR4 has released, I rushed over to its store page via the itch.io client and this happens.

Which is...odd. Even though the description says that it's fully functional on Windows 10 devices (and older), it doesn't display it on the right panel. Strange. :/

How do i disable the taskbar when in fullscreen mode?


most of the time the taskbar is hidden automatically - if not please try alt+enter (when ingame!)
Please let me know how it goes!

Burnin' Rubber 2 Standalone?

How much is this game really? I have $5.36 in my prepaid but it keeps getting declined >=(

hello xform we want to thank you for taking burnin rubber 4 but not all can buy it I know you need money to continue developing games but not all have a card to buy it please xform make the game free for the first days of its release for those people who want to play again but can not play it

I loved this game but i can't buy it :c

My wish is coming true that standalone version of BR4 was came out!

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How much money did you got from THIS?

Doing easy calculations, you got like 700$ in total from Burnin' Rubber 3 and Burnin' Rubber 5HD. A little too much, isn't it?

50 reviews that buyed the game in Steam, 50x10=500$. Burnin' Rubber 3 was buyed by 70 people i think, 70x3=210$. 500+210=710$.

A little too much, isn't it?

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What do you mean  by much? Do you think $ 700 is much? I don't understand.

hello xform we want to thank you for taking burnin rubber 4 but not all can buy it I know you need money to continue developing games but not all have a card to buy it please xform make the game free for the first days of its release for those people who want to play again but can not play it

Yes, what do you mean by much? $700 is very little for all the work they put into it. I bet if I payed you Metal Knight $700 you can't even make a game as good as Burnin Rubber 3 let alone 4. Xform is really charging less than normal for a game like this. I would have thought this game would cost $9.99, but we are getting it for $4.99 which is VERY Cheap and affordable! Metal Knight, how about you try making Burnin Rubber 4 yourself and you can have it free that way. It cost Xform a lot of time and knowledge to make the game and make the standalone.

To XformNaN

Firstly, XForm is not a one man. It's a company, so if I would have a company, 700$ and that engine i COULD have maked Burnin' Rubber 3. But the point is not that, where are the ACTUAL games? Standalone, remaster, HD, when the company has already enough money for atleast one actual game? That was my message. And yes:

To XForm itself

PLEASE, you have ALOT of bugs. Fix em:

-Docks collision is made lazy, nitro and jumping can get you in water and you will not respawn on land.

-When you replace ANY game model it crashes.

-Loadings are WAY TOO long.

Sure, but they are a small company. That means each person gets a fraction of $700. Each person gets even less than $700 you understand? You could have "maked" Burnin Rubber 3? Adobe Director cost already around $800 or more plus you need 3ds Max which also costs hundreds of dollars. Also, they need computers to make the game which cost thousands of dollars. I think they don't really make much money. If you think they are too expensive, like I said, you try making Burnin Rubber 4 yourself and you can have it free.


I already said, XForm ALREADY has 3DS Max, Adboe Director, computers, people. This is part 4, part 3 was already on Director and had alot of same models. Get my point?

But actually my point is:Why are they still making remasters/remakes of old games? Burnin' Rubber 3,4,5HD and other. They should already have enough money to make a new game, not a remaster.

Yes, i meant 700$ is kinda much. I mean, those games were online and yep, remastered. But 700$ is already enough to make atleast 1 new game/something what do you do. I hope you are a company that didn't wasted those 700$ instantly.

I find some disrespect Your comment,
1 You have to share the profits, To survive you need money They share the money, and believe me it's not so much
2 They are saved in case of emergency, in case this happens again, or something greater OR staying bankrupt
3 years of experience in free games, And do not win anything, I think it's a good opportunity to take out the game.
4 They keep it for the next game

From 2007 - 2018 all the free games, and I do not know how they survive to not eat

theres a major bug in this game where in the first oil rig mission, the entire course is broken as passing the other boats does not change your position and reaching the finish will not end the race, this should be one of the highest priorities in the next patch.

after 8 years - I infally found this small, weird bug
It will be fixed in the next update... stay tuned

as a workaround go to the boat missions from the city - not from the jungle -> boat

hey xfrom i have a quick question, when BR6 got released (hopefully yes), the BR3 and BR4 standalones will be free?

>-< I would like to have a credit card and dollars :,

thank you so much 

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Thanks Xform! I Love Burnin' Rubber 4! Xform Power!


Yes - it is here! :)